Jazz band is back! Back again


Jazz band makes a return

The first day of practice for our high school jazz band was November 7th.

Jazz Band is a club made for students to play an instrument outside of the usual concert band setting, while introducing jazz music and new instruments to students.

Band director Ms. Phelps runs the jazz band in the band room and they meet every Monday and Wednesday.

A lot of the participants happen to be current concert band students, but all are welcome if you know how to play a jazz instrument.

While playing an instrument may sound like serious business, jazz band is meant to be a fun place for everyone.

Junior Alex Fenner is a current member of Kearsley’s jazz band and is excited to play the Alto Saxophone.

“Saxophone is the biggest role in jazz and I find it really fun, especially the solos,” Fenner said.

Fenner also believed the jazz band contributed lots to the schools atmosphere, he believed it added something that we were missing.

“It’s something different then you would normally get at a concert band performance,” Fenner stated.

Even though jazz band might be a little unknown to others, it still manages to affect the entire Kearsley community.

Even though Steven Gray isn’t an active participant in jazz band, he also thought that this club was very beneficial to our community.

“Jazz band helps students socialize more and it’s just fun to hear all the music that comes from the jazz band!” Gray exclaimed.

Jazz band is a very small club only managing a very small crowd of players.

Our jazz band is always looking for more players and would love to have you play with them!