KHS Choir is selling delightful chocolate!


A picture a box of the World’s Finest chocolate.

Selling chocolate has been a tradition in Kearsley High School’s choir for years now. It’s intention is to raise money for class and choir events.

Thanks to the new choir director, Mr. Smith, the choir has decided to start selling again since it had not happened in the past 2-3 years due to the pandemic.

Chocolate bars are one dollar each, and the main reason they are selling the chocolate is to save up for a choir trip to Cedar Point this school year.

The choir students are singing with excitement! Especially the seniors since this will be their first and last choir trip.

Choir student Madalyn Reif had a lot to say about the trip and choir class in general.

“This year in May we are going to go to Cedar Point, which usually for our trip we go to Florida, New York, or bigger places like that. But this year since it’s Smith’s first year at Kearsley he doesn’t want to do anything too big, he wants to ease back into the choir groove,” Reif stated.

Reif is very passionate about the choir and will be willing to tell anyone how fun, comforting, and inspiring it is to be a member.

“I haven’t sold that many yet but some people have sold five boxes in only this week. Many students will give their parents or other family members a box so they can help sell by taking them to work,” Reif explained.

Reif later went into more detail about the choir experience and just how much she enjoys it,

“I’ve been in choir for my whole high school career, I did it once in middle school but since freshmen year I’ve been part of the choir family. I think my favorite part is that it’s so united. We are very much connected and a team and if you don’t know your part it will throw everything off, there is a lot of trust between all of us. It’s just overall a great experience. It is similar to band like if you don’t know your part in band you mess up and you can blame the instrument but in choir that’s not the case. Like if you mess up on your voice that’s on you, that’s something you work on. It takes a lot of effort and some people just don’t realize that,” expressed Reif passionately.

With the possibility of not only riding roller coasters but maybe even performing at Cedar Point. Kearsley’s High School choir family sings with the utmost passion and is ready to sell some chocolate, ride some roller coasters, and sing in harmony all the way through as they get ready to say goodbye to their beloved senior classmates.

It’s time to buy some chocolate and support our choir along the way and give them a great experience!