The Community Closet


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Here at KHS we offer a community closet.

This closet provides things like:

  • Clothing & shoes
  • Deodorant & soap, like shampoo and conditioner
  • Dental products
  • Feminine products
  • School supplies
  • Access to a washer and dryer

All of the items in the closet are free and open to anyone in our high school who might need a little extra help.

The closet was constructed by KHS student council, the foreign language department, Theta Chi-Zeta Tau of the University of Michigan-Flint, along with volunteer hours contributed by KHS students, teachers, and community members.

Participation in the closet is confidential, so everyone is welcome to visit the closet!

How does it work?

  • Identify a need
  • Reach out to Kearsley staff for access
  • Visit the closet and fill up a bag

This closet not only means a lot to the community, but also to the people who use it.

One of the constructors of the closet, staff member Mr. Whalen, confirmed the confidentiality of the students who use the closet.

“We actually do not want any photos of the inside of the closet out there because of the sensitivity of visiting it for our clientele,” Whalen expressed.

Senior Gabrielle Ray, who is a part of our student council, spoke about how she feels about the closet.

“It helps students at our school be able to have a safe space to get the things they need,” Ray beamed.

When asked what role Student Council played in helping the closet, Ray had this to say:

“We clean and manage the closet. In student council we have different communities and we have one just for the closet.”

The community closet is here to supply you with anything you may need, so don’t be shy to visit!