Fall Favorites


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The different stages of leaves

As autumn approaches, people are starting to eat their favorite foods and desserts that match the feeling of this season, as well as getting out to do their favorite fall activities.

People seem to be getting into the spirit of the colorful season, so I went around Kearsley High School and asked students about what fall means to them.

Senior Thalia Sanson-Espinoza mentioned how she loves the beautiful atmosphere of fall and how it’s a great time to spend with friends or family.

Fall is my favorite season. It has perfect weather, not too cold, not too hot. The outside looks beautiful with all of the leaves changing. It also has Halloween. Halloween is all of October and people do trunk and tricks or treats that whole month. Also just going to the orchard there are mazes picking apples and pumpkins. You can go with friends, family, or your partner,” stated Sanson-Espinoza. 

Thaila also had more to say about her favorite sweets and drinks that she enjoys around this time of year.

Fall has many events that happen everyday. For example, orchards are my favorite, the sugar donuts with apple cider. Another favorite food is caramel apples with chopped up peanuts. The hot chocolate is so delicious it allows you to warm up and it’s just a great drink,” continued Sanson-Espinoza.

I asked a couple students what they are looking forward to doing this season.

Rakeem Clausell felt there wasn’t much to do outside during fall, but likes to have fun inside.

“There’s not much to do in the season, but I like to gather some friends and family to play everyone’s classic board games, like, Uno, Farkle, Phase 10 and etc,” replied Clausell.

Junior Natilee Bennett finds the quality time with others to be most comforting when it comes to this season.

“What I look forward most about fall is sitting around the campfire with friends and being able to go to orchards, to be honest,” said Bennett.

Although many would rather look outside and see the bright sun and green leaves, Bennett said that she enjoys the scenery of fall more.

“Seeing all of the leaves changing their colors from all the oranges, yellows and reds blended together,” Bennett explained.

Senior Randy Paris addressed that he favors a different type of entertainment.

“I like to watch football mostly during fall,” Paris exclaimed.

There’s a lot more to fall than some falling leaves. There’s things to do and a variety of goodies to eat, so get out there and enjoy fall while you still can!