Kearsley students share their favorite Christmas gifts


IMAGE / Gabrielle Ray

Kearsley students finish 2021 with some great presents.

This year KHS students enjoyed a lengthy winter break lasting about two weeks.

During this time, some of us had celebrated Christmas with some cool and interesting presents.

Freshman Aspen Jamerson was able to get a present they have been wanting for a couple of years now, they were very surprised and grateful to receive it.

“I was very shocked but of course grateful to get a guitar for Christmas. It was my favorite gift because I’ve been wanting to learn guitar for 2 years.” said Jamerson.

Someone else felt a similar way about their musical present.

Junior Zaeda Swinger received a funny instrument this Christmas and is very excited to learn how to play it.

“I got a instrument called a Kalimba for Christmas, I have a strong relationship with music and now I am excited to learn a different instrument other than the flute.” said Swinger.

Senior Vegas Pitts got a weighted blanket and it helped them with some sleep issues they’ve been having.

“I liked getting my weighted blanket because it mellowed out my sleep paralysis and helped me battle some of my other sleeping issues.” said Pitts.

Kearsley students really enjoyed spending time with their families and receiving presents, especially after such an eventful year.