KHS favorite seasons


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With winter 2022 showing us what its made of, some students at Kearsley High School were excited for the snow storm that came while just as many were dreading it. This gave me a question. What’s students favorite season here at KHS? Since Michigan is one of the few states that have four distinct seasons, it makes perfect sense for students to have different opinions.

I asked a few students in the school what their favorite season was, and this was what they answered. Freshman Haedyn Scott enjoys the heat of summer.

“I enjoy swimming and having pool parties, as well as going to my uncle’s house and playing golf. My favorite thing is the tennis season starting in summer.” Scott said.

Senior Conan Prevo thinks summer is probably one of the better seasons in Michigan.

“I enjoy the warm weather and I have a lot more free time to do more of what I like. I also enjoy not having to drive super slow on bad roads, it feels like I have more freedom.”

Summer is a good season, but that’s not the only season students enjoy. Senior Adrianna Callahan enjoys the change of scenery in the fall.

“I like the color changes that happen, I also like going to football games because they are very exciting and I get to be with friends.” said Callahan

So we have people that enjoy summer and people that also enjoy fall, but there are two more seasons than that. Sophomore Trevor Clement is someone a little different then the rest because he actually enjoys the winter months.

“I look forward to winter and enjoy it because that’s when basketball season is. I also really enjoy hunting with my dad in the winter too. And since its cold all the time, I get to stay inside and play more video games.” Clement said

I asked one other person what their favorite season was. Junior Lola Spohn likes all the different colors of spring.

“I really like all the green that comes out and I like all of the pretty flowers that start to bloom. I also like spring because it’s not too hot and not too cold.” Spohn said.

By seeing what Kearsley students enjoy about the different seasons, you can see that a lot of us have common interests and similar ideas.