Exam Preparation Tips from AP Students


IMAGE / The Blue Diamond Gallery

As the end of the semester approaches, Kearsley students are preparing for exams.

Experienced or not, semester exams (and the weeks leading up to them) are a stressful time.

Here are some tips from high-achieving AP students who have done this before, and well.

Senior AJ Laube prioritizes using materials you already have and keeping up with the material.

“Make sure that all your notes are caught up and just study what you have,” said Laube, “because it’s gonna help you in the long run.”

Senior Ava Hoskey recommends getting started early so you can pace yourself with study sessions.

“Get enough sleep, but also set aside an hour to study for each exam,” said Hoskey.

Just an hour to prepare for each exam can make you much more confident in your knowledge of the material.

For the people that have a job outside of school, time management can be an issue.

Senior Ameirr Garner recommends getting started a few days before when you would normally start studying to compensate for lost time.

“If you have a job, start studying as soon as possible,” said Garner.

Leave all your preparations to the last minute? It happens.

Exam week itself is another opportunity to prepare- and Senior Lydia Boggs recommends using it.

Because each exam day is only a few hours, the rest of the day can be used to prepare for your next two exams. This can be useful in pacing yourself and making the task seem a bit more manageable.

When it comes time to take your exams, take a deep breath, fix your posture, and know that your best is all that’s asked of you.