KHS staff traditions


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Decorating Christmas trees and the rest of a home is a favorite part of the holiday season.

The time for everything merry and bright has come upon us.

Christmas traditions are what keeps the magic alive, and the staff here at KHS have their fair share of Christmas traditions.

Mr. Nester and his family put a fun twist on Christmas traditions, diverting to warmer climates.

“For many years my family has made the drive to Orlando Florida to visit my wife’s parents for one week over Christmas break. They live on a golf course in the center, southern part of the state,” said Nester. “After all the presents have been opened and breakfast is cleaned up, we take a golf cart ride down to the golf course which is ‘closed’ on Christmas and play as much as we want for free. It’s become sort of a tradition for my kids and I. We always thank Santa on our ride back to the house.”

Mr. Smith stays at home with his family.

“[We enjoy] decorating the tree together, putting up lights outside and watching ‘Elf and Christmas Vacation’,” said Smith.

Mr. Riselay and his family include the traditional elf on the shelf into their traditions.

“We start the elf on the shelf on December 1, and continue to do it until Christmas day. We go to church on Christmas Eve and go to Grandma’s house on Christmas day,” said Riselay.

Traditions have always been the one thing that’s stuck through the times, they bring families together and hold a special place in our hearts.