Spreading thanks, not germs


IMAGE / Gabrielle Ray

Nester poses with his 4th hour class

Andy Nester, a well known history teacher at KHS, has introduced kids to a productive and caring environment in his classroom- including a recent activity that invites them to reach out to the rest of the school.

Before Thanksgiving break, many staff members were surprised to get thank you letters from Mr. Nester’s students.

Junior Nicholas MacDonald was very happy to be part of the experience and has always been inspired by Mr. Nester.

“He (Nester) has inspired me to do things for others I would not usually do. He has even inspired me to keep up on my school work,” MacDonald said.

MacDonald added that if he could tell Nester anything right this second he would tell him that he is pretty amazing.

“He is an amazing teacher and even an amazing friend,” MacDonald said

Spanish teacher Anna Chimbo was on the receiving end of one of those cards.

“It made me feel appreciated. It made me feel like I was actually making a difference,” Chimbo said.

I personally have been part of the experience and it was very nice to be able to give someone a thank you letter and see them smile.