Charline Tournier-Laizet


IMAGE / Gabrielle Ray

Charline Tournier-Laizet smiles for the camera

Charline Tournier is a new foreign exchange student from France.

When asked why she chose to come to the US, Charline kindly informed me that she has wanted to come to America for a while now,

“I wanted to come to America for 3 years because I wanted to discover a new culture and improve my English, I don’t regret my decision one bit!” Tournier said.

Charline also relayed to me that she was doing well settling in to the Kearsley lifestyle that she has joined a few of our Kearsley teams and met some great friends through those teams:

“I’ve met some amazing people and friends, I am actually on the dance team and on the cross country team and I love my coaches and my teammates,” Tournier said.

She also talked about a few weird things she noticed that were different from France here in America, like the air conditioning:

“One thing that was weird to me at the beginning was how the air conditioning is always on and it’s freezing!” Tournier said.

She also added that the most challenging thing for her was the language gap between her and her classmates,

“The language barrier is still probably the more difficult thing for me.” Tournier said.

Tournier ended the discussion letting us know that she really has enjoyed her experience so far in America and at Kearsley schools:

“I’m really glad for the experience and being able to meet new people is amazing!” Tournier said.

Overall Tournier so far has really enjoyed her stay in America and hopes to keep learning and exploring our culture.