A World of Options for Fatima Malik


IMAGE / Lauren Rice

Senior Fatima Malik looks forward to a future as an ambassador or doctor

Senior Fatima Malik is from Northern Pakistan, but has a bright future everywhere she goes.

Malik said she chose to come to the United States specifically in her exchange program.

“If I come to the United States, I get to meet new people even if they’re not American,” Malik said.

She also preferred the colder weather in Michigan over other regional climates.

Her favorite part of being in the US is the independence.

“Even in small everyday stuff you do, you have to rely on yourself,”Malik said.

By contrast, she doesn’t really have a least favorite aspect.

“I’ve heard there are mean people, but nobody is mean to me,” Malik said.

Malik also enjoys school in the United states, especially the staff.

“I love my math class, Ms. Riley, and Mr. Lynn,” Malik said.

She doesn’t seem to be having trouble making friends either. Senior Brooklyn Willhoite went to homecoming with Malik.

“Fatima will always make others laugh and she’s always positive.” Willhoite said.

Malik is looking forward to prom and enjoys hanging out with friends, but has other more serious goals.

“I would like to learn french, even if it’s just the basics, so I can communicate more clearly with different people,” Malik said.

When it comes to a career path, Malik’s interest is divided between going to medical school or attending her dream school, the University of Toronto, to become an international ambassador.