October is College Month


IMAGE / Lauren Rice

Filing the FAFSA is a necessary part of the college application process

The end of our Homecoming marks the beginning of National College Month where many states, including Michigan, provide discounts for college applications or offer them for free. This is a great way for seniors to kick-start their preparations for life after high school.

According to College Advisor Hannah Collins, the first thing an applicant should do when starting the process is figure out where to apply. The colleges you’re applying to should have the major you’re looking for, along with the location, resources, and extracurriculars you’re interested in.

If you’re not sure what major you’re interested in, Collins recommends you can keep researching or start as undecided.

“Your first year will probably be a lot of your basic credits anyway,” said Collins, “don’t go into something you’re good at if you don’t like it.”

In addition to college applications becoming available and discounted, the FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, opened October 1st. This form gives students access to financial aid, scholarships, and loan applications, and should be filed by March 1st.

State aid programs are also an option to help with the often intimidating financial load of higher education. For Michigan, these can be found at https://www.michigan.gov/mistudentaid/ under the “Students and Families” tab.

There are options outside the track of four-year colleges. Many trade schools have been absorbed by community colleges, so associates degrees or certifications in specific career paths are more likely to go through places like Mott Community College.

The military provides training and education to it’s members, preparing them for life beyond their service.

Access codes and regular updates on college applications, deadlines, and other important information for life after graduation is available on the KHS College Advisor Instagram page. This is an official page run by Ms. Collins.