Travis Scott’s “Fortnite” performance amazes


IMAGE / Wikimedia Commons / Frank Schwichtenberg

Using “Fortnite” to perform, Travis Scott entertains fans with a concert starting Thursday, April 23, that will last until Saturday, April 25.

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, musicians have still taken center stage from various locations.

Most have been performing in their houses or hosting socially-distanced house parties by streaming their music.

And then there’s Travis Scott.

Last week, “Fortnite” announced via Twitter that it would team up with Scott for an in-game performance.

This is not the first time “Fortnite” has teamed up with a performer. On Feb. 2, 2019, Marshmello took to the stage to release a new song.

This time, the live event was titled “Astronomical,” a nod to one of Scott’s albums.

Scott’s week-long event consisted of challenges to gain special rewards and cosmetics. Every challenge coincided with Scott and his concert.

Along with the challenges, “Fortnite” also released two Scott skins.

The first skin was the skin Scott used in the concert. The second style he used which was a robotic version of the skin, called Astro-Jack.

The idea of the skin was an astronaut but his helmet was the earth. A cool part about this skin is that it is reactive. This means that if you get shot at, the skin will slowly change.

The longer you last in game, the bigger the differences you can see.

Scott’s concert was a lot shorter then Marshmello’s performance but sophomore Eric Rhodes still enjoyed it.

“”(It was) not as long as the Marshmello event, which is still my favorite, but much more visually appealing.” Rhodes said.

Scott performed four songs and with each song a different atmosphere changed up the setting.

The first song he performed was “SICKO MODE” and during this song Scott became a giant.

Scott walked all over Sweaty Sands and every time he would jump the players would be able to bounce high with him.

The second song he performed was “STARGAZING.”

The setting didn’t change all that much, but in the middle of the song the players who paid attention noticed that Scott’s skin had changed to the robotic skin.

The third song was “goosebumps” and during the performance the setting changed.

At the beginning of the song, Scott jumped in the air and once he touched down on the ground he changed to the Astro-Jack skin.

The setting also changed from Sweaty Sands to a strange underwater-based area.

The final song Scott performed was “The Scotts” and for this song players flew in space during the whole song.

Players who played the end of the game’s season X realized¬† that this wasn’t just them flying in space.

It was actually a nod to the final event of Chapter One of “Fortnite” and its black hole.

At the end of the song the black hole and a little bit of light shinning through turned into a butterfly and the concert was over.

The concert was loved by many fans as over 12.3 million players worldwide showed up to the event, a “Fortnite” record.

If you missed the first two performances, there will be three more Saturday, April 25.

The first performance is at 11 a.m., followed up by the next performance at noon and one last performance at 6 p.m. to cap off the week-long event.