Staff remain undefeated in powder tuff


IMAGE / Molly Gunn

Junior Jack Hinman blocks Mr. Paul Gaudard (right) during the powder puff championship Friday, Feb. 28.

Staff kept their undefeated powder tuff record Friday, Feb. 28, beating the Junior Class in two games.

The juniors were confident before the games, hopeful that they would succeed in dethroning the staff.

In the first set, the juniors roared forward in the beginning, gaining a significant lead over the staff.

The tables turned quickly though, as the staff rallied back against the juniors.

The first set went to the staff in a close game with both scores in the twenties.

In the second set, the juniors weren’t able to achieve their lead once again.

The staff continued to lead the whole set and won the entire tournament.

Both teams decided to play a third set to 15 for fun and the staff once again won that set.

The staff team was led by Mrs. Amy Graham, Mrs. Marti VanOverbeke, and Mrs. Colene Wilcox.