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Molly Gunn striking a pose at Applewood Estate during homecoming.

Thank you, Kearsley

Kearsley has been my home for 13 years.

And my time at Kearsley has been memorable.

I remember my first time playing a tennis match, where I won with a friend named Alexa Jones, who has since graduated.

I remember the time when I went to my first pep rally, and being taken back by how loud and fun it was.

I remember my first homecoming dance, where I danced the night away with my best friend, Aizya Sorensen.

And I remember my first exams, which were beyond stressful.

I will also remember my lasts.

I will always remember my last pep rally, where we were wearing masks as we cheered and yelled.

I will remember my last homecoming dance, where we danced outside as it began to rain.

And I will remember my last exams, where I felt relief as I knew I had finally crossed the finish line.

This chapter of my life coming to an end is a bittersweet moment.

It was full of ups and downs.

I made friends and lost friends.

I achieved great things, but also failed.

I made mistakes, but learned new things from them.

But those things have helped me become the person I am today.

I was able to find new interests and learn things about myself I might have never have learned or experience if my life had gone even slightly different.

This ending to this chapter of my life is just the beginning though.

Even though leaving Kearsley will be sad, as I see my friends go off to continue their journeys and I continue mine, I know that we are going off to do amazing things and I will always be a phone call away.

I appreciate all the people I have met and I wish the best for them. Even the ones I may not even talk to anymore.

I appreciate all the teachers that have helped me through my school years. Many teachers have allowed me to thrive as a student, while causing me to have a good laugh.

And although I have had my fair share of issues along the way, I appreciate Kearsley for giving me the opportunity to push myself to do great things.

Thank you, Kearsley, for giving me a memorable school experience that will stick with me until the end of time.

Now, it is my time to move on to bigger, better things.


-Molly Gunn

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