‘The Crimson House Murder’ stuns


IMAGE / Molly Gunn

Students starred in “The Crimson House Murder.” The play was performed from Thursday, Feb. 6, to Saturday, Feb. 8.

Students participated in a student-directed play called “The Crimson House Murder” Thursday, Feb. 6, through Saturday, Feb. 8.

The play brought a fresh take to Kearsley’s acting community with a great lineup of actors filling the roles.

The play begins by introducing us to critical characters, such as the owner of the hotel Rebecca Fitzwilliam, the mindless butler Jeeves, Hercules Porridge Jr., and the crazed neighbor Colonel Chutney.

We learn of the death of Leon Russel that occurs at the house.

What was originally seen as a heart attack is revealed to be something more sinister.

It is discovered that this death may not be so innocent as clues point to many characters being the culprit.

As tensions rise, another death occurs as Bridget Moriarty, a visitor, dies of poisonous orchid juice.

Porridge sets out to solve the case of the two deaths.

In the chaos of it all, Porridge finds out there is blackmail within the shady hotel.

This brings a twist to the play, as Chutney is figured out to be the black mailer, along with the pizza delivery boy.

Porridge also discovers the murders of the two innocent characters.

It is found that the pizza delivery boy is the killer of Bridget Moriarty.

But Jeeves is discovered to be Russel’s killer, though the event was an accident.

They play ends in high tensions and in a final dance to the song of “Look What You Made Me Do” by Taylor Swift. Dancing is a tradition in Kearsley plays.

Overall, the play showed the talent of the brilliant actors at KHS.

They play brought laughs at times of seriousness, while leaving us on the edges of our seats, just waiting to see who kill Leon Russel and Bridget Moriarty.

Senior Jillian Locke did an excellent job leading the group, allowing for an excellent play to be seen by all.

The play set high goals for the next production.