Students put on ‘The Crimson House Murder’


IMAGE / Mackenzie Atkinson

Students will perform “The Crimson Murder House” in the auditorium Thursday, Feb. 6, through Saturday, Feb. 8.

Students will perform the play “The Crimson House Murder” Thursday, Feb. 6, Friday, Feb. 7, and Saturday, Feb. 8.

Tickets are $5 for one day or $12 for a three-day pass.

The story follows a murder in a boarding hotel where the characters have to pay a strange rent to Rebecca Fitzwilliam, portrayed by senior Jillian Locke.

The characters come and go in a strange manner that will contribute to the mystery of the murder while a detective follows the case.

Locke is excited about the mystery of the play.

“Everybody come and watch,” Locke said. “It’s something you don’t want to miss.”

The play is directed by Locke and Mrs. Renee Kotzian, choir teacher.

Senior Kat Gifford will portray Hercules Porridge in the play.

“I have stared in a lot of theater outside of Kearsley,” Gifford said, “but this is my first Kearsley production.”

Sophomore Alex Knack plays Mark Palegrave and loves the comedy in the play.

“I’m excited to hear the laughs during the funny parts,” Knack said.

Junior Diontae Scott plays Jeeves the Butler.

“It’s funny with a lot of twists and turns,” Scott said. “The ending is not what it seems.”

The rest of the cast is made up of seniors Ariana Rivera (Officer Mulligan), Kasey Palmer (Student No. 1), Shelby Cranmer (Student No. 2), Brendan Nowacki (Detective Bobby), and Heather Phipps (Penny Russel) and junior Rachael Hughes (Fay Strange).

Sophomores in the play include Jonathen Hart (Col. Chutney), Allison Gellish (Anguish Crispie), Claudia Craft (Student No. 3) and AJ Laube (Leon).

The freshmen joining the production are Hannah Burke (Bridget Moriarty), Ava Pitts (Delivery Person), and Arianna Rose and Katlynn Garfield (both playing Sherly).