Kearsley’s cafeteria will add fast food next year

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Kearsley’s cafeteria will add fast food next year

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Many students dislike, some may even despise, the cafeteria and it’s food.

With nutrition laws being implemented and prices for school lunches rising, it can be easy to see why.

However, in a recent turn of events, Kearsley High School will be eliminating their traditional style cafeteria and replacing it with McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Little Ceaser’s kiosks, where students will be able to purchase their lunches.

The construction will begin at the end of the school year and will take an estimated five months to complete, which will cut into the next school year at a great cost.

Principle Brian Wiskur had a few positive and hopeful statements to make on the subject.

“Seeing and hearing students complain about school food has been something that I’ve been witness to since the beginning of my employment here at Kearsley,” Wiskur said. “But with these new additions, we’re not only hoping to end the complaints but provide a better experience for students during their lunch period.”

Some may worry about student’s health. However, the restaurants will have healthy options for students who wish to remain healthy, as well as their regular menus.

“I think students are looking forward to the new additions,” Mr. Darrick Puffer, senior English teacher, said. “I think the new additions will give students a relief for what they will be eating. But it won’t matter much to me since I’ll be retired.”

Many have worried what they will do for lunch at the start of next school year since the cafeteria will be closed during construction.

“The cafeteria will be closed, but we will provide a system similar to the breakfast system that we have in the morning,” Wiskur said. “Students may not be able to eat in the cafeteria, but the learning center and hallways will be open for students to occupy during their lunch periods.”

However, with the positive regard, some are hesitant to the new additions.

Mr. Shane Atkinson, drafting and design teacher, feels as though the lack of a Kentucky Fried Chicken kiosk is both an injustice and a lack of variety.

“I know these kids, and they love their KFC,” Atkinson said. “And, quite frankly, I too feel as though I am missing out.”

Disclaimer — This story is made up and is completely fictitious. Don’t believe a word of it. April Fools!

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