An open letter to my mom: My admiration for you is immeasurable

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An open letter to my mom: My admiration for you is immeasurable

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Dear Mom,

I’ve been in journalism for two years and yet I’ve struggled to string words together that were perfect enough to say to you. Although this might not be perfect, I still want to write to you.

Everyone always says how their mom is their hero. How would I tell you that you’re mine without it sounding cliché? I guess I’ll give it my best shot.

One of the first words that comes to mind when I think of you is strong. Ever since I was young you’ve encouraged me to be strong and gave me a great role model — you.

I remember reading a book about a little pig cartoon who loved herself. One of the lines in that book was “I look good,” which I repeated for weeks after reading the story with you.

You’ve always taught me to love myself — inside and out. You’ve taught me to be my best self and always be kind, whether it be to myself or others.

I can talk to you about anything. I can tell you what I’m feeling or thinking and you always seem to get it, even when no one else does.

You are my best friend, Mom.

Your passion is so admirable. The way you love animals and fight for the animals in need. The way you make time to hike with your friends. The way you always take care of our family in every single way you can.

I’m going to college next year and although I know I will succeed — thanks to you — the hardest thing will be not having you around all the time.

From watching our nightly shows to lying on your bed and having meaningful talks about life, those are memories I will have forever.

But don’t be sad, Mom, because I will always come home. I will always want to spend time with you. You’ll always be my best friend.

Writing this, I wonder what your reaction will be. I know you don’t like sappy things, so I’ll try to make it happy. For example, I can elaborate on how and why I am obviously the favorite child — just don’t tell Alex that.

In all seriousness, though, I want to say thank you. It’s hard to write this because nothing seems good enough. All of the millions of words of admiration can’t begin to express how much I love and appreciate you.

I told myself I would keep this short because, in all honesty, I could go on forever. I have millions of memories with you, all of which I will cherish forever as I continue to have more.

I love you, Mom, more than anything.

Thank you for all you do.