Art students’ talents are displayed in showcase


IMAGE / Alanna Montgomery

Artwork by students is shown off in the showcase. The showcase across from the main office toward the 400 hallway.

If you’re in an art class, your work may be seen by hundreds of people because Ms. Cindy Parker, art teacher, selects student artwork to display in a showcase.

The art showcase is organized by Parker and senior Anne Marland.

The showcase is in front of the office and holds art compositions from all art classes, and it is used to display the exceptional art pieces that students create.

Marland enjoys organizing the showcase on her free time.

“I feel calm when I work on the art showcase,” Marland said.

She said the art case can inspire other students to get involved in art.

“It can make art class seem more appealing so that other students are aware of it as an elective,” Marland said.

Parker said, “I select artwork that successfully meets the criteria. Various mediums, like paintings, drawings, and sculptures make the showcase feel diverse.”

Parker feels like art is essential in life.

“Art gives you joy, relieves stress, gives you confidence, improves focus, makes you relaxed, improves your academics, helps you express your emotions, (and) speaks another language,” Parker said.