Teens use high school as an excuse to be immature

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Teens use high school as an excuse to be immature

Jenna Robinson

Jenna Robinson

Jenna Robinson

Jenna Robinson

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Oh, high school. The place where cliques, judgment, and status quo are dealt with on a daily basis.

Frankly, it’s absolutely ridiculous.

People seem to use the term “high school” as a blanket to cover up their childish behavior: name calling, fighting, and rudeness.

These are all things students should be growing out of but, instead, students seem to cling to them.

High school is a cruel place, and it’s not really anyone’s fault. It’s just how people are and the way they act.

The school can’t change hundreds of students’ attitudes and behavior.

There’s always going to be rude, mean people, but it’s such an unnecessary thing to deal with in a school environment.

School is already stressful enough. Students have to worry about grades, work, friendships, and now dealing with the daily immaturity of high school students.

The worst thing is that this is a normal part of students’ lives: the gossip, the mean words and actions. It’s become part of their routine. When students deal with it everyday, it’s hard to ignore it.

I’m not completely innocent of these immature actions either, but I’m certainly not proud of it.

I work hard everyday to be a better person, and I believe that other students should do the same.

High school is the last few steps before becoming an adult, so students need to grow up now before they get thrown out into the “real world.”

For example, if students use the same disrespectful attitude they portray at school in job interviews, they certainly won’t be hired.

For most students at high school, the goal is to graduate and get on with their futures.

Why bother complicating that goal with pettiness and irrational behavior?

The moral of this article is to grow up and always be kind to others. Because if you really think about it, what is the point of being mean?

Learn how to pick your battles. Just because you heard a rumor that someone might have said something negative about you doesn’t mean you need to run out and get into a fight.

Perhaps use your words instead of your fists.

High school is no excuse to be a jerk. So just don’t be a jerk and quit trying to make up reasons why you think it’s OK to be one.