The Flint Firebirds are back on the ice


The Flint Firebirds are all gathering around their goaltender, Luke Cavallin, after a win.

The Detroit Compuware Ambassadors is where everything first started.

This era only lasted for two seasons, 1990-1992.

Second up is the Detroit Junior Red Wings which lasted longer than the Ambassadors but only lasted for a total of three seasons, 1992-1995.

Up next was the Detroit Whalers, which once again, only lasted for two seasons from 1995-1997.

The Plymouth Whalers, which has lasted so far the longest, but the Flint Firebirds is the final name for this team. The Whalers lasted for 18 seasons for the years of 1997-2015.

The current name for this hockey team is the Flint Firebirds, which has been the name since 2015.

The Firebirds ended their 2021-22 hockey season with a record of 42-21. Last season was also the best season in franchise history. The boys were beyond proud of themselves for this achievement and thankful for all the fans during their journey.

Senior, Ashelyn Hatch explains how she felt about last season.

“I felt happy for them that they are finally making a name for Flint and their hard work and determination is paying off,” Hatch said.

The Ontario Hockey League (OHL) consists of 20 teams with 17 in the province of Ontario and 3 in the United States. Only two states have teams in this league. Michigan has two out of the three teams, one being the Firebirds, which leaves Pennsylvania with only one team in this league.

This hockey league, the OHL, is the #1 player development league for the NHL in the world.

The OHL is a way for teenagers to be seen by more skilled and more popular teams all around Canada and the United States. The National Hockey League (NHL) is always looking at these teams to see who will be a great fit for their own team along with the American Hockey League (AHL).

There were six teams that had Firebirds players attend their NHL camps.

A few players from the Firebirds got drafted to the NHL last year after the season ended but are continuing to play for the Firebirds during this year’s season. However one player went to the AHL and is not playing with the Firebirds this season.

For this team being local and somewhat small, they are a popular team. In the playoffs last year they had multiple games that were sold out.

The support these boys get is amazing and they all appreciate every single one of their fans.

These boys are currently in fourth place in the west division with a record of 5-5 as of right now. They still have many games to play that can bump them up.

Even though there are ups and downs in each game which are fun to see, like figths, Senior, Nathan Osentoski explains why he enjoys the games through those times.

“I love the fights and the passion that each and every player on that team plays with,” explains Osentoski.

Junior, Morgan Lauletta explains why she enjoys going to these games.

“I like these games because they are fun to enjoy with friends along with watching them play. It’s pretty cool,”stated Lauletta.

Sophomore, Makenzie Brandt agrees.

“The games are fun in general and it’s a cool experience if you are with the right group of people. It’s close and cheap enough to go to almost every game and have fun every time,” explains Brandt.

Overall the Flint Firebirds are great to see in person. They never let you down on putting up a great fight for the fans whether they are winning or even losing. The vibes from the fans are always the best.