Christmas in November


IMAGE / Flickr

A closeup of Christmas tree with ornaments.

It’s about that time of year when people begin to put up their Christmas trees.

While Thanksgiving and Christmas are only about a month apart, apparently a month is not long enough for the tree to be up. Of course, the tree is not the only problem, it also happens to be the decorations.

Once Halloween comes to an end, it is almost instantly Christmas for most people.

However, many people, like Senior Colton Gunther, believe that Christmas decorations should wait.

“I think it is tragic. Christmas trees just should not be up before Thanksgiving, it’s too early and you should be giving thanks,” Gunther said.

First the tree, then the decorations, and to top it all off… the music.

Some people start listening to the music once the clock hits 12:00 a.m. on November 1st.

The people who are not “Christmas in November” enthusiasts believe their counterparts seem to just forget about Thanksgiving.

Senior Aubree Bruff-Marsh believes there is not a specific timeline for Christmas decorations.

“I personally think that putting a Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving is OK as long as it is not in early November,”  Bruff-Marsh said.

Others lump Christmas and Thanksgiving together as one extended holiday season.

My reasoning on why people do everything so early is once the weather gets cold and the winter season is coming near, they get excited about the snow and the decorations get them prepared for that.

Personally, I believe once Halloween is over anytime is a good time for Christmas trees, maybe not so much the music, but Christmas is the most popular holiday so it is expected.