‘1917’ captures World War I


IMAGE / Wikimedia Commons

“1917” shares the story of two British soldiers during World War I.

The WWI-based film, “1917,” released Wednesday, Dec. 25, 2019.

Two young British soldiers, Schofield (George MacKay) and Blake (Dean-Charles Chapman), are sent on a mission to stop a battalion led by Col. McKenzie (Benedict Cummberbatch) from attacking the German front lines at dawn.

Blake’s brother is in the battalion of the front line, which drives him to reach them quickly and makes him reckless.

Their mission takes them across no man’s land and through the French country side.

They first land in the abandoned German trenches that were riddled with explosives, broken cannons, and old ammunition.

While traveling through France the soldiers come across an empty farm house. A German fighter plane is shot down in a dogfight near the house.

Acting out of kindness, Blake makes an attempt to save the German pilot.

Schofield is sent to fetch water for the pilot and while at the well, the German pulls a knife and stabs Blake in the abdomen. Blake ultimately succumbs to his wounds.

Schofield promises Blake that he will finish the mission and save Blake’s brother. He joins another battalion which takes him to a French village he must traverse to get to the German front line.

A sniper targets him from a tall building overlooking a river. When Schofield reaches the sniper’s nest, he is shot in the helmet, knocking him back down the stairs and unconscious.

When Schofield comes to, it is dark and the village is ablaze and occupied by Germans. He is chased down and hunted through the burning city before he falls down into the river and is carried downstream.

He finds the battalion and the attack is minutes away from beginning. He rushes to McKenzie’s bunker to call him off. The Colonel is reluctant to comply due to the first wave already being sent out.

The attack is called off and the first wave retreats back to the trenches. Schofield searches the medical tents to find Blake’s brother.

Schofield hands Blake’s belongings to his Brother and asks to write to their mother to inform her of Blake’s passing.

Critics praised the film’s portrayal of the girt and gore of World War I.

IMDb rates “1917” 8.6 out of 10 and Rotten Tomatoes gave it an 89 percent.

“1917” has been nominated for 151 awards, including 10 Oscars. It has already won 78 of the 151.