Treat workers with kindness


Hope Wills

In some retail or customer service jobs, customers can take their aggression out on workers, calling them names and treating them uncivilly.

Simple, everyday mistakes can lead to a customer berating a worker in front of everyone in a store.

This is wrong.

While it may be frustrating for customers to find their experience at an establishment involves some delays or difficulties, rude and impolite comments are not necessary.

Where are the manners we were taught as children? Where is our kindness and patience?

What happened to the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you?

Making these unneeded confrontations worse, workers cannot defend themselves.

Workers smile and politely go back to business as if the bullying never happened.

Why do we focus so much on meeting the needs of customers? When do we meet the needs of workers?

Making a paycheck should not mean a worker has to endure mean-spirited jests and abusive quips.

I wonder what causes these customers to lash out with rude remarks.

As I searched for an answer, all I could see is that behavior and expectations from customers were not met.

But this does not excuse them; these comments still hurt workers.

Most of the time, a worker is ridiculed for an honest mistake. Sometimes people lose their patience with workers learning the ropes on their first day of work.

People mess up. It’s natural.

Tolerate workers’ mistakes. They deserve the respect.