Soccer ties Corunna


IMAGE / Elizabeth Taylor

Soccer tied with Corunna 1-1 on Thursday, April 25.

On Thursday, April 25, girls soccer tied Corunna 1-1 on the road.

Freshman Anna Sporman led the way by scoring a point to tie the game and is proud of her team’s performance.

“I think our defense was really strong, stronger than normal, along with our offense being a lot stronger too,” Sporman said. “Usually, we hesitate to go for the ball, but yesterday we really went for it.

“The other team (Corunna) was very physical, and I actually got carded, but our communication and teamwork was at a new high.”

Sporman is excited to see where the team will go in the future.

“We only have room to grow. As we practice more, we get stronger and closer as a team and we will grow together,” Sporman said.

They Hornets will be back on the field Monday, April 29, at Linden.