‘Here Comes the Cowboy’ is heartbreakingly boring


IMAGE / Tim Griffin/Edited by Matt Ostrander

McBriare “Mac” DeMarco is known for dreamy and nostalgic indie rock.

Canadian rock artist McBriare “Mac” DeMarco released his fourth album, “Here Comes the Cowboy,” on Friday, May 10.

DeMarco has blown up in the indie scene over the past five years.

Known for sentimentality and dreamy instrumentation, DeMarco’s first three studio albums are loved by critics.

His last album, 2017’s “This Old Dog,” was catchy if a bit mushy.

While his music has mellowed over his career, “Here Comes the Cowboy” is his sleepiest release yet.

It’s a mood record more than anything.

The album’s purposes seem to be as background music for artistic children and as an outlet for DeMarco’s creativity.

It seems like it was fun to make, but it’s not as fun to listen to.

Songs like “Little Dogs March” and “Hey Cowgirl” are painfully slow, and the record, as a whole, feels like it is building tension that never gets released.

With the title-track opener, you’d think the album would be a western-themed concept album.

But the graceless “Choo Choo” messes up that idea pretty quickly.

While there are some standouts like “Finally Alone,” “All of Our Yesterdays,” and “Nobody,” most of the tracks are pure white bread.

I could see myself coming back to a few songs on the album, but I go back to every song on his earlier album, “Salad Days,” at least once a month.

I would give “Here Comes the Cowboy” a rating of five out of 10 stars.

This album is just DeMarco clocking in, putting out another record, then clocking out. He’s making music only to make a living.

I miss the washy electric guitar.

I miss the homesick tone in DeMarco’s voice.

I miss the passion he once had for music.