Shhh, it’s National Napping Day


IMAGE / Makenzie Boillat

Senior Lucia Goldbergerova plans on participating in National Napping Day will fall on Tuesday, March 12.

Children often whine and cry when it comes to taking a nap, but later in life a refreshing nap is what you might look forward to after a long day at school or work.

National Napping Day takes place on Tuesday, March 12.

This unofficial holiday is meant to provide everyone the opportunity to take a nap and catch up on the hour of sleep they lost due to Daylight Saving Time

Professor William Anthony of Boston University created the day to spread more awareness of the benefits of taking a nap.

Naps relieve stress, recharge energy, increase focus, and improve memory and creativity.

Many people start their days off early in the morning.

It can be exhausting to run through a busy day while still remaining healthy. Naps provide benefits to mental and physical health.

Healthy naps should be about 15 to 25 minutes long, though a full 90-minute nap is also beneficial.

Shorter naps are said to improve motor skills without leaving you groggy after you wake up.

A 90-minute nap will allow your brain to enter rapid eye movement sleep, which will help you feel more refreshed.

REM sleep is important because it stimulates the brain regions used for learning.

Without REM sleep you are more prone to illness, feeling depressed, and gaining an unhealthy amount of weight.

Some colleges now provide on-campus nap rooms where students can go during the day to rest, according to

Juniors Antionette Harris and Madyson Hollingshead believe every school should have nap rooms for their benefits.

“We should have a nap room,” Harris said. “Lack of sleep is horrible for the body.”

Naps are relaxing and helpful to our bodies and should be a part of our everyday lives.

Hollingshead said naps help her feel refreshed.

“They make me feel more energized and more ready to do other things and focus on a lot more, like schoolwork and other things,” Hollingshead said.