‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is commendable

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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is commendable

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The third film in Marvel’s “Avengers” film series came out on Friday, April 27.

It stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, and many others.

The Marvel films have become the biggest movie franchise in the world and for good reason.

The company has perfected the summer blockbuster and knows how to entertain their audience with action and humor.

The villain of the movie is Thanos (Josh Brolin), who has been hyped through past films.

In “Infinity War,” Thanos finally takes center stage.

He tries to capture all of the infinity stones, which would allow him to control reality.

He wants to lower the population of the universe so that survivors can use more resources, which is an interesting motivation.

There is little in the way of character development for most of the cast because the characters have all been established in their own movies.

This allows screen time for Thanos, a character we don’t know a great deal about.

This film combines the “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Black Panther,” “Spider-Man,” and “Avengers” franchises surprisingly smoothly.

The action pieces were fun, and I was not bored throughout the two hours, 30 minutes run time.

I didn’t feel that I had wasted my time, which happens with many superhero movies.

One thing many people realized before the film even came out was that they were going to kill off major characters.

I thought they handled this well. The ending subverted my expectations.

The end was also surprisingly emotional.

I teared up a little when a specific character died. I’ve never done that in a superhero movie before.

“Infinity War” is overrated, though.

The movie’s current IMDb rating of 9.0, making it the ninth highest rated on the website, is far too high.

Some students loved the film, including sophomore Jon Conway.

“It’s super good,” Conway said. “The best movie I’ve ever seen.”

This film rose above the usual elements of a Marvel film, and I feel Marvel has taken more risks than usual with this one.

For me, this film is a seven out of 10 stars.

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