You will enjoy these three country songs


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Out of all of the genres of music, I think country music is one of the most disliked.

Many people would prefer to turn the radio off before they listen to any song associated with the country genre.

But despite all common dislike for the music, not every song sung by a country singer is terrible.

Here are three country songs that will make your opinion of country music change for the better.

“Fresh Eyes” by Andy Grammer

“Fresh Eyes” is a soft, relaxing country song by Andy Grammer.

The song is about Grammer looking at his lover with “fresh eyes,” saying that he’s looking at her in a different perspective.

Grammer sings, “I got these fresh eyes, never seen you before like this / My God, you’re beautiful / It’s like the first time when we open the door / Before we got used to usual.”

Grammer says it’s like being in love with a stranger, and he only sees her with his fresh eyes.

“So suddenly I’m in love with a stranger / I can’t believe that she’s mine / Now all I see is you with fresh eyes, fresh eyes / So suddenly I’m in love with a stranger / I can’t believe that she’s mine, yeah / And now all I see is you with fresh eyes, fresh eyes.”

This song is perfect to listen to while driving around on a cool, summer day, enjoying your surroundings.

“Honey, I’m Good” by Andy Grammer

“Honey, I’m Good” is another song by Grammer.

The song is about Andy at a bar, just having a good time, when a woman he’s talking with proceeds to ask him out.

Grammer tells the woman,”I’m good,” hence the song title, because he already has somebody at home waiting for him.

Grammer sings, “But if you ask where I’m staying tonight, I gotta be like, Oh baby, no baby, you got me all wrong baby / My baby’s already got all my love.”

In another lyric, Grammer says that although the offer is tempting, he’ll stay loyal.

“So nah nah, honey I’m good / I could have another but I probably should not / I’ve got somebody at home, and if I stay I might not leave alone / No, honey I’m good / I could have another but I probably should not / I’ve gotta bid you adieu and to another I will stay true.”

The song is one Grammer’s hit singles, bringing the singer new fans in 2014.

“Marry Me” by Thomas Rhett

“Marry Me” is a newer song released last year by Thomas Rhett.

The song is about Rhett’s childhood best friend, who is a girl he’s had feelings for since they were children, getting married to someone else.

Rhett sings about how although his childhood love is getting married to someone who is not him, he’ll still attend the wedding.

“I’ll wear my black suit, black tie, hide out in the back / I’ll do a strong shot of whiskey straight out the flask / I’ll try to make it through without crying so nobody sees / Yeah, she wanna get married / But she don’t wanna marry me.”

Rhett says that although he could try and tell the girl his feelings before she goes through with the wedding, he’ll choose to let her be happy instead.

“Bet she got on her dress now, welcoming the guests now / I could try to find her, get it off of my chest now / But I ain’t gonna mess it up, so I’ll wish her the best now.”

Junior Joscelyn Burns said that despite her hatred for country music, “Marry Me” is one of her favorite songs.

“I don’t ever listen to country music. If I hear it on the radio, I race to change the station,” Burns said. “But ‘Marry Me’ by Thomas Rhett is one of my favorite songs out right now.”

This song is beautifully sung by Rhett, and the music video goes along perfectly with the lyrics.