Four social media stars that are famous for the wrong reasons


IMAGE / Creative Review / Alanna Montgomery

In today’s society, many Instagram and YouTube personalities go viral after one video or picture.

These infamous personalities are popular for the wrong reasons.

Boonk Gang

John Robert Hill Jr. is an Instagram-famous personality who goes by the name “Boonk Gang.”

Hill was born in Jacksonville, Fla., and currently has 4.2 million followers on Instagram.

He is 21 years old and has used his platform to start a rap career.

Hill is Instagram famous for stealing various items. He has stolen jewelry, shoes, watches, and even ran out of a barber shop before paying for his haircut.

While Hill is committing these crimes he’ll often shout out, “Boonk gang whole lotta gang (explicative)” while running away. Just these words have gained him a massive following.

The majority following him on social media think that his videos are “funny and entertaining.”

But stealing shouldn’t be funny or entertaining. Hill has stolen many times and gotten away with it.

“Boonk is a kleptomaniac and I’m tired of him,” junior Nadia Calvert said.

His following has increased his wealth.

People like this shouldn’t be held on a pedestal and shouldn’t be praised for the content they post. It’s ridiculous how committing theft can make you a social media star.

Woah Vicky

Victoria Waldrip is 17 years old and was born in Georgia. Recently she has gained a following on Instagram, releasing several videos that went viral and received millions of views.

Waldrip first released a video claiming that she was 25 percent black and has felt black her entire life. She claims to be from the “hood” and that Harriet Tubman is her great aunt.

Waldrip then started creating controversial videos of her showing her viewers how she perceives African-Americans and how they live. Her content mainly consists of her mocking African-Americans, portraying a stereotype.

In one of her videos she depicts herself as showing her viewers how black people swim. She then jumped in the pool and pretended to drown, just one of the many stereotypes that Waldrip pitches.

She also creates step-by-step videos on “How to be Black.”

“Came a long way from eating koolaid (sic) #zone6 first white millionaire,” Waldrip captioned one post. She uses captions like these on most of her posts.

She has over 1.2 million followers on social media. Her stereotypical content continues to gain her more internet fame.

Logan Paul

Logan Paul became well known from an app called Vine. Since that app has been discontinued, Paul began putting his content on YouTube.

He is from Westlake, Ohio, and is now 22 years old. He has two YouTube accounts, though he is mainly active on his vlogging channel, which has 16 million subscribers.

Logan Paul has been featured in some TV shows and YouTube movies, using the platforms for acting.

On his recent trip to Japan, he made a very controversial video that revolved around the famous “suicide forest” in Japan. While in the forest, a dead body was discovered and filmed.

Logan Paul vlogged the scene and made jokes about the suicide. He even went into various religious temples and acted obnoxiously by throwing money everywhere.

His actions have been inappropriate and disrespectful.

Bhad Bhabie

Danielle Bregoli, widely known as “Bhad Bhabie” is an Instagram and YouTube star who is only 14 years old. She became popular at just 13 years old when she and her mother went on  “Dr. Phil.”

At first she was the center of a meme that went viral. The famous words that sparked her popularity were “Catch me outside, how ’bout (sic) that.”

Her constant use of profanity and slang got her attention. Now Bregoli has 12.1 million followers on Instagram and 3.3 million subscribers on YouTube.

She has used her following to obtain a rap career.

When she returned to “Dr. Phil,” she disrespected him and boasted about how she had made him famous.

Bregoli has no respect for authority and is only “famous” for being disrespectful.

Even though her behavior can be outrageous, she does have a soft spot for her mom.

“I’m really glad that she used her money to pay off her mom’s mortgage,” senior Kaitlyn Hart said.