Montgomery shares her must-read books

These books are must reads for me because of their strong plots and emotional aspects.

These books are beneficial because they teach growth and healing.

“Wintergirls” – Laurie Halse Anderson

This book is about a high school student named Lia who struggles with anorexia and self-harm.

When Lia’s best friend dies, she has a hard time trying to balance her life with her mental illnesses.

Lia battles with herself and the people who care about her. She wants to be better but doesn’t believe she deserves it.

Throughout the book, Lia recalls numerous memories that occurred throughout her childhood.

“Speak” – Laurie Halse Anderson

This book is about a high school student named Melinda who was sexually assaulted while at a party.

She called the police after she was attacked, and the police then shut down the party.

Since then she has been known as the girl who called the police.

Even though she tried to tell her former best friend about what really happened that night, no one will believe her.

Melinda gives up and stops talking. The only time she feels safe is when she’s in art class creating something.

But when her attacker tries to assault her a second time, she fights back.

“13 Reasons Why” – Jay Asher

This book is about Hannah Baker, a girl who commits suicide after several people betray her.

When Hannah decides to kill herself, she chooses to let those people know what they did and how they affected her.

She leaves behind 13 recorded tapes, explaining why she killed herself and those that led her to it.

The box of tapes have to be listened to and passed on to the the next person on the list.

When Clay Jensen gets them delivered to his house, they take an emotional toll on him.

He is confused on why he’s on the list and if his feelings for Hannah were prominent enough.

This book is also portrayed as a Netflix TV series.

Senior Hannah Alexander felt that the book had a strong plot.

“I read the book and I absolutely loved it. The way Jay Asher put the book together makes it impossible to put down. I give the book 10 out of 10 and I highly recommend for anyone and everyone to read it,” Alexander said.

“Milk and Honey” – Rupi Kaur

This book is composed of four chapters called “The Hurting,” “The Loving,” “The Breaking,” and “The Healing.” Each chapter serves a different purpose.

The chapters are composed of poems and sketches. This book is a great read for anyone in the process of healing, dealing with loss, sexual or abusive assault, trouble loving themselves, or realizing their self-worth.

Even though the majority of the poems are short, the poems speak great volumes.

In Kaur’s healing chapter, she constantly writes about how the healing process doesn’t happen overnight: “If the hurt comes, so will the happiness -be patient.”

Senior Jada Brown read and enjoyed “Milk and Honey.”

“‘Milk and Honey’ is a really good book. I’m not usually into reading poems,” Brown said, “but these ones make you want to read more because the author writes about her personal struggles and how she healed from them.”

“Everything Everything” – Nicola Yoon

This book is about an 18-year-old girl named Madeline who has a deadly illness. She is basically allergic to everything, which is why she has to stay inside her germ-free home.

But new neighbors move in next door and Madeline takes an interest in their son Oliver.

Once they start texting, Madeline starts to develop feelings for Oliver and is desperate to be close to him.

Madeline decides that being with Oliver is worth the risk and goes outside.

This book has been made into a successful movie.

Senior Anastasia Cummings thought that this book was comparable her life.

“Personally, I thought it was a very good book because they’re relationship was so realistic and reminded me of my own life,” Cummings said. “Also, it’s a page turner. It keeps you wondering what’s going to happen next.”

“Dreamland” – Sarah Dessen

This book is about a girl named Caitlin O’Koren and how quickly her life goes downhill.

On Caitlin’s 16th birthday, her sister Cass runs away.

With her sister gone, everyone overlooks Caitlin, especially her parents. It becomes known that Cass ran away with her boyfriend Adam.

Caitlin starts to feel out of control with her sister gone. Her mom is too focused on replacing Cass by influencing Caitlin to do things Cass used to do.

Caitlin meets a boy named Rogerson and his mysterious personality draws her to him. It turns out that he’s a drug dealer and is constantly beaten by his father.

After they become a couple, Rogerson introduces Caitlin to drugs. Caitlin still stays with him after he continuously hits her and keeps her from school.

Caitlin struggles with school, her friends, and her parents. Even though her relationship is toxic, Caitlin keeps telling herself that it will get better with time.

“The Color Purple” – Alice Walker

This book is about a 14-year-old girl named Celie who is constantly assaulted by her father Alphonso.

Celie is uneducated and is constantly referred to as ugly compared to her younger sister Nettie.

Celie becomes pregnant twice by her father, having a boy and a girl that she names Adam and Olivia. Both times her father Alphonso stole her babies from her and took them away.

After Alphonso takes Celie’s second child, he tells her, “You better not never tell nobody but God, it’d kill your mammy.” Celie begins to write notes to God about everything that happens to her.

Celie is eventually forced to marry an older man named Mister. He only wants her around to mind his children and clean his house.

Celie endures the same abuse she experienced at her home.

Nettie runs away from Alphonso and joins Celie at Mister’s house. After Nettie denies Mister’s sexual advances towards her, Nettie is thrown out and left to fend for herself.

Celie continues to write letters to God and tries to keep in touch with Nettie. As she grows up, she begins to stand up for herself more and learns to love herself.

She then makes it a mission to be reunited with her sister and her two children.

This book was also made into a movie and won several awards.