Montgomery picked six movies from 2017 you should see


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I think these six movies from 2017 have great plots, and they include twist and turns, as well as cliff-hangers that make you wonder what will happen next.


This movie takes place years after most of the X-Men have died. Logan, being the mutant he is, is still alive but isn’t really well known.

He now works as a chauffeur and takes care of Professor X, who is no longer mentally sane.

This movie really represents selflessness and heroism. Logan continuously puts others before himself throughout the movie.

Logan shows love and care for a young girl who shares the same abilities as him. This movie is a must see for X-Men fans.

Senior Robert Dubie felt that the movie has emotional aspects to it.

“It made me tear up a bit,” Dubie said.

“Get Out”

This movie is about a young black man named Chris Washington who goes to visit his white girlfriend, Rose Armitage, and her family for the weekend. While Washington is there, a series of mysterious events unfold.

This movie displays mystery, controversy, racism, and horror.

Mr. Chris Torok, math teacher, thought the movie was crazy and mind blowing.

“It’s definitely a movie you have to see a second time to catch everything,” Torok said.

“Justice League”

This movie is about how six people with special abilities come together to fight against an old evil force. Batman forms a team with Aquaman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Superman to try and save the world.

This movie is full of action, humor, and has emotional pieces put into it.

Fans of superhero movies will love this one.

Senior Jillian Jones felt that the movie was an overall success.

“‘Justice League’ was a great movie, I really enjoyed the combination of humor and seriousness throughout the movie,” Jones said.


This Netflix original movie takes place in Los Angeles. Daryl Ward is a policeman in a world with many different races including Orcs, Elves, and Fairies.

Ward’s struggles to get along with his partner, Nick Jakoby, who is an Orc. Ward and Jakoby both struggle to trust each other and keep the world out of harms way.

Senior Darnell Harris believes that the movie had a deep meaning to it. He feels like the movie related race and cultural differences to the real world.

“Instead of having whites and blacks, they added another species to show how different we see and treat each other,” Harris said. “If they would have just used white and black people, people’s minds wouldn’t have been open to receive the message because people already have their minds made up about what’s going on in our country.”


This movie is about a strange man with 23 personalities who kidnaps three girls. While the girls are imprisoned, they don’t have long to escape before another more dangerous personality evolves.

This movie displays major acts of survival and will to live. This movie also brings awareness toward mental health issues and disorders.

Movies like these bring on an eerie and mysterious feeling. This movie also has several plot twists and cliff-hangers.

Senior Spencer Wolfe believes “Split” was a good movie.

“‘Split’ was a weird movie, but also tear-jerking. Overall, the movie was very well put together,” Wolfe said.

 “Wonder Woman”

This movie takes place during World War I. A pilot crashes his plane near a secluded island where the Amazonians live.

As princess of the Amazonians, Diana has trained her whole life to become a warrior.

When she finds out there is a war happening in the outside world, she leaves her home to put an end to the war.

“Wonder Woman” is a strong character and represents willpower and strength. She’s selfless, caring, and independent.

Senior Alexis Fidler finds the character of Wonder Woman inspirational.

“I just love her,” Fidler said. “I even look up to her for her beauty and power.”