Tim Allen’s recent comments are political humor

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Tim Allen’s recent comments are political humor

Connor Earegood

Connor Earegood

Connor Earegood

Connor Earegood

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Actor Tim Allen recently made comments relating Hollywood to Nazi Germany.

This has sparked outrage, as the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect’s director, Mr. Steven Goldstein, criticized the comedian’s comments, asking if Allen had “lost his mind.”

In my opinion, this is an overreaction to a joke.

Allen only tried to bring humor to the situation of conservatives in Hollywood.

Allen’s job as an actor and comedian is to make jokes, and it is not unlike Allen to make political jokes.

Anyone who has watched the ending to an episode of his show “Last Man Standing” knows he loves to joke about politics.

To me, it seems the only reason he is being criticized is his conservative beliefs.

Earlier this month, comedian Samantha Bee showed a segment on her TBS show “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” featuring CPAC attendees with “Nazi hair.”

One of the pictures showed freelance journalist Kyle Coddington, who had the so-called “Nazi haircut” due to his fight against stage-four brain cancer.

Are you kidding me?

A comedian makes a somewhat off-color comment about Hollywood’s treatment of conservatives and he’s the bad guy when another comedian, if you can call her that, makes a joke about a man with brain cancer.

Bee didn’t do it knowingly, but why did her writers not check who each individual was?

In my opinion, Allen is being treated unfairly.

You would think the press would bring up Bee’s segment when the man who was made fun of was a fellow journalist.

If Trump is against journalism like many liberals say, they should support each other, right?

My only hope is that the press can find the integrity to report equally for the Republican and Democratic parties and treat them the same.