Excuses should not replace the truth


Alexis Roof

We all know that one person who always has an excuse for everything.

They may be your friend, sibling, or even parent.

We love being around them, but the constant excuses make you want to push them away.

Everyone can have an excuse for anything. However, we should not use them for everything.

Excuses tend to be a rationalization that we make to defend our behavior, not wanting to take an action, and avoiding taking responsibility for something that you have done.

Most of the time, people make excuses for things they do not want to do.

When you make an excuse and you are caught up in it, admit to your faults and take the consequence that might come with it.

The habit of making excuses is a difficult one to stop.

Instead of making an excuse for everything, try and face what you are avoiding.

Do not stretch the truth, just to hide your laziness.

Yes, every person has made an excuse in his or her lifetime.

However, most of us do not use them every time they want to get out of something.

People who use fewer excuses seem to be more successful because they face more challenges compared to their counterparts.

George Washington Carver once said, “Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from the people who have the habit of making excuses.”

Carver is a good example of someone who sees that people are failing because of the habit that they have created.

Unsuccessful people are the ones that make the excuses because they are unhappy with the outcome with their lives. Or it could simply be they are lazy.

Facing the challenges or unwanted situations that life brings us, will help shape you as a person.

If you do not take fault for your actions, it is going to be hard for people to engage in conversation with you or ask you for a simple favor that is not going to cause you any harm.

Next time you think of an excuse to make, think about how the situation could help you learn something in life or make someone else feel.