Favorite teachers at KHS


Students favorite teachers!

The question,”what is your favorite school subject?” Has been asked many times before, but people don’t usually ask a student who their favorite teacher is.

A teacher can make your least favorite subject enjoyable and understandable, or, they could even make it one of your top five favorite subjects.

I asked different students from each grade who their favorite teacher is and why.

A lot of students seem to enjoy having a teacher more because they are comical.

Starting off with the freshmen, freshman Rigoberto Martinez expressed that his personal favorite teacher is Mr. Johnson.

“He’s funny,” Martinez says, “and motivates us to finish work instead of just telling us.”

Sophomore Brent Green’s favorite teacher is Mr. Linn.

He has Mr. Linn for bike tech and he’s funny and makes the process of making bikes interesting and fun for him.

Other students enjoy having a teacher they are familiar with.

Senior Alexis Root told me her favorite teacher is Miss Knoll.

She’s had Miss Knoll before and has her for public speaking this year; “she’s nice about questions you ask and helps whenever she needs,” vocalized Root.

A lot of students seem to favor teachers due to their niceness.

Freshman Janiya Powell said that Mr. Simms is her favorite teacher.

“Mr. Simms is nice, he makes science class fun and helps me understand it so that it is easy,” said Powell

Teachers are what make or break a student’s experience at school, so this article is an appreciation for teachers that are making these students’ experiences better.