The Trip of Motivation

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Class Elections
May 24, 2023

A field trip where motivation and new opinions were formed.

On November 2, the Student Council and leadership class went on a field trip to Mott Community College.

During this trip, they listened to motivational speakers.

Motivational speakers showed students that creating a goal now and sticking with it is very helpful for future plans. Speakers also stated that having a plan for the future will help with all the things you’re doing now.

Students opened their minds to think of the new opportunities that can develop from having a new mindset.

Freshman, Desaray Blair states what the trip was about and what she gained motivation for.

“The trip was about being guided to success and being inspirational towards others, guiding them down a good path as well. The trip opened my eyes and opened up doors in my life. One special moment from the trip was when a motivational speaker opened my eyes about basketball and showed me what I really want to do in my life. I learned that I can do a lot from where I come from,” exclaimed Blair.

Sophomore, Brianna Sierra talks about her experience on the field trip. She explains the motivation she was given.

“The whole trip was about inspiration going forward and a lot of getting a goal now and sticking with it, so you have a game plan to push yourself into the future. It’s very interesting to see leaders who have grown up and used these kinds of skills,” noted Sierra.

The trip was very inspirational for most students. New kinds of motivation were spurred just from hearing others life stories.

Kearsley students were very grateful to experience this new view on opportunities.

Sophomore, Alejandra Kash expresses her views on the inspirational field trip.

“The trip was an overall good experience. I got to hear life stories from many motivational speakers. The trip was all about stepping up and creating goals for your future. I would say that the trip was worth going on and my new motivation for my future was created,” declares Kash.

This field trip was very moving for students.

The new motivation created from the trip will benefit the many students willing to put the time in for their futures!