Student’s favorite Thanksgiving foods


With Halloween over and November starting, Thanksgiving is on its way!

Lots of people like to skip past this holiday and go straight to Christmas, so let’s give this holiday a little more cheer and get Kearsley students hyped by asking questions about Thanksgiving!

So, what kind of food do Kearsley students eat during Thanksgiving?

As we all know, there are the staple foods that most people eat like turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes with gravy.

Obviously while those foods are the ones most popularized, there are many more foods that are served on this special holiday.

Freshman Alexa Carpenter focused on some of the traditional foods that are served.

“My favorite is mashed potatoes and gravy. I love the way the mashed potatoes taste and the gravy makes it so much better,” Carpenter explained

Aliya Carlson had similar tastes.

“My favorite has got to be turkey and mashed potatoes. They’re just so good,” Carlson exclaimed

Junior Levi Pray mentions that he loves the side dishes of Thanksgiving.

“Stuffing and mac and cheese has to be the best,” Pray explained.

Sophomore Zachary Allen enjoys one thing on Thanksgiving.

“I like to keep it simple with a nice turkey,” Allen stated.

This is your reminder to enjoy the holiday and all the food it has to offer. Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on what you’re thankful for and to spend time with your loved ones.