Kearsley’s favorite Halloween movies

Halloween is filled with scary, exciting, dramatic and funny movies. There are so many movies to choose from, but students from Kearsley High School have to choose one.

Sitting at home and watching a Halloween movie sounds like paradise to some students.

Sophomore, Austin Johnson comments about his favorite Halloween movie.

The Nightmare Before Christmas, it’s very scary and very suspenseful. It makes my heart beat very fast,” Johnson exclaims.

Students are deciding which movies to watch this season and want to watch the absolute best one they can.

Freshman, Kennedy Church chips in that she watches Halloween movies because they’re interesting.

“Scary movies have interesting events like Goosebumps,” Church laughed.

Freshman, Vanessa Hood states that Corpse Bride is a fun movie to watch.

“The Corpse Bride, it’s very interesting and the plot is really interesting,” Hood disclosed.

Hocus Pocus is a popular movie around Halloween time. Most people can say it’s an enjoyable movie to watch.

Natalie Devine notes it’s her favorite Halloween movie.

“It’s funny and I watch it every year with my family so it’s like tradition now,” Devine replied.

Many families watch Halloween movies together.

These movies become very important to an individual. Students remark on what movies they watch with their families.

Freshman, Desaray Blair declares that her family watched Don’t Look Under The Bed together.

“Yes! We really enjoyed watching it together,” Blair smiled.

Freshman, Emma Yelle states that her family watches Hocus Pocus together every Halloween.

“Yeah, it’s like a tradition at this point,” Yelle vocalized.

This year there are many Halloween movies to watch for the spooky season, what is your favorite Halloween movie to watch?