The Positives of High School


“Ugh! High school!” Some people hate the idea of waking up everyday to come to a place for six hours just to come home and do it all over again the next day (unless it’s Friday of course). However, don’t think this way! There are so many positive things about school.

Today we will be talking about the wonderful things about school. As well as getting some amazing quotes from some of our very own fellow classmates.

Number one- Learning. School can help you understand and learn so many new skills! Yes it can be pretty annoying to learn six topics in just one day, however, these topics can help you succeed in life, it’s not about what the work is or how hard it is. It’s about how you interpret it and how you use it.

Number two- Discipline. Yes folks discipline, this isn’t middle school anymore. Its time for the harder work. The work that makes you stay up studying until its two in the morning. This is good because it prepares you for life. If you do not study, yes, you will fail, ultimately you might feel like a failure, but look at it in this way; this prepares you, as you will fail in life. Nothing can be perfect, and that is totally okay. It doesn’t matter if you get that low grade, that leaves a chance for greatness and a chance for growth.

Number Three- Better communication. You might be the type of person who sits in the back of the class, hiding so your name isn’t called. Or you like to be alone. Well, high school is the perfect place for communication with others; you have to find your circle of people that you bond with and that you feel the most comfortable with. There will be many times that you will have to communicate with people for projects, assignments, and daily activities. So make sure you feel confident talking to others.

Number Four- Hard work. There are so many activities that you will have to put energy and effort into. This prepares you for knowing how to put your heart into everything you do! Not only will this help you in the future, but it will help you now, putting in that extra effort will make your teachers depend on you and they will view you as a hard-working and trustworthy person. Make sure you give your all, always. It sounds cheesy, but the best way to succeed is by doing.

Number Five- Consistency. This fits in with discipline. You must stay consistent with tasks and know when your work is due. If you, for the most part, turn in all your work and you are a person who is known for turning in work on time when it’s due, that’s awesome! Consistency is a major part of school and life in general! Make sure you try your best at being consistent.

Now here comes the interviews with fellow classmates!

The questions asked were:

Is high school better than middle school?

In your own opinion, what is a positive thing about high school?


Here are the responses;

Freshman Isabelle Devine expresses that she thinks high school is more favorable than middle school.

“I do think high school is better than middle school in some ways because of new opportunities,” explained Devine.

Devine also added on explaining how you can meet new people.

“There is a large amount of new people you can meet,” Devine added.

Freshman London Struck-Curtis added in her opinion, she feels that there are more opportunities in high school.

“Well in ways, there are more opportunities,” Struck-Curtis smiled.

Struck-Curtis mentioned that she believes everyone is super open and kind.

“Everyone is so welcoming,” Struck-Curtis continued.

Cadence Cosico who is also a freshman, declared that she feels teachers are closer at the high school and that the breakfast line is nice.

“I like that the teachers are in the halls, and I like the way that the breakfast line is set up,” Cosico added in with a laugh.

As you can see here, there are many positives of high school. The next time you think high school is the worst place ever, just remember some of these things! It might make your time at school a little brighter.