Kearsley’s Favorite Streaming Service


IMAGE / Kob Monney

Streaming services are part of mainstream social life

There is a wide variety of streaming services to watch and choose from, and it can be difficult to pick a favorite.

Even the prices of these streaming services are different because they come with different advantages.

Senior Colton Gunther thinks that Disney Plus has the best streaming service.

“Disney Pus has all of the Marvel movies, which makes it the best,” said Gunther.

Senior Miguel Mondragon feels that the best streaming service out there is HBO Max.

“HBO Max has a wide variety of TV shows and movies and they have all of the Friday movies which makes HBO Max the best streaming service,” Mondragon said.

Senior Olivia Chartrand thinks that Hulu is the best streaming service.

“They have a big variety of TV shows to binge watch,” said Chartrand.

Seniors Carly Wilson and Shasta Shannon both agree that Netflix has to be the best streaming service as of right now.

“Netflix has really good TV shows and a wide variety of them as well,” said Wilson.

Shannon prefers the TV show options on Netflix.

“It (Netflix) has Criminal Minds and that is one of my favorite TV shows,” said Shannon.

My personal favorite is HBO Max because they include different cultures in their TV shows and movies, but the great part about having all of these services to choose from is that you can subscribe to whichever one you choose.