Fans are Excited by Season Two of Euphoria

Every Sunday since January 9th, 2022 Euphoria fans Eagerly wait for a new episode.

Episodes air at approximately 9 p.m. eastern time on HBO max.

The new season has caused a lot of excitement- fans are speculating on what will happen with Rue throughout the new season. 

In season 2 we meet a few new characters, including Elliot, who Rue meets at a New Year’s party; Elliot isn’t the best sidekick for rue Regarding her addiction.

Fans feel he has caused a separation between Rue and Jules.

Sophomore Celestina Asensio Feels like Elliot Was written to cause problems and hopes throughout the season his character will change. 

¨After the New Year’s party when he and rue started hanging out I knew he was nothing but trouble,¨ Asensio said.

There’s so much drama in the new season and with that, you can start to see changes with characters that have been hated on in the past.

The producers use Backstories to make the viewers sympathize with characters who are frowned upon Throughout season 1.

Sophomore Sophie Hall hated the character Cal throughout the first season, but is starting to understand why he is the way he is.

¨I could never support him for what he has done but the way the show is created it’s starting to make me feel bad for him.¨ said Hall.

Even though there are only 6 episodes at the moment fans can’t help but be obsessed with this season.

Even on the platform Tik-Tok, fans have been raving about the season and how they can’t get enough of it and I completely agree with them.

I feel this season might be even better than last; Of course you can’t forget about the first season’s nostalgic aesthetic of The Color Purple and glitter used for the character’s makeup.

Something about the way they portray the characters this season has me eager for more episodes.