The World Cheers on Navarro: Season Two of “Cheer”


IMAGE / Netflix

The Navarro Bulldogs are back for season two of ‘Cheer’

The Netflix docuseries Cheer was a commercial and critical hit after its release in 2020.

The show spotlights the small team out of rural Corsicana, Texas.

Although the team is well known in the cheer world, the Navarro junior college advanced large coed team grew in fame and popularity after being broadcast on an international level, winning 13 national championships, and 5 grand national championships.

Many peoples perspective of the sport changed after the shows release, in years past people have claimed it takes little to no physical ability, some even stating its not a sport at all.

The show followed not only the effort, blood, sweat and tears these athletes have put into their routine, but also their lives, hardships, and personal struggles.

We will see many familiar faces this season, such as stumbler (stunter and tumbler) La’Darius Marshall; powerhouse tumbler Lexi Brumback; and famous all-star Gabi Butler.

Monica Aldama, head coach of Navarro, expresses the struggles they have faced since the shows release.

You pay a price when it comes to internet fame, like negative comments and insults, as well as time taken away from training due to interviews, T.V. opportunity’s, and events.

Being in the spotlight also makes you very susceptible to scandals.

The most infamous one being the shocking criminal charges of beloved season one star, Jerry Harris.

Harris faced sexual assault allegations in summer of 2020, only a few months after the shows initial release.

After incriminating evidence surfaced against Harris he was taken into custody, he is currently awaiting trial at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago.

This season gets real, showing the obstacles the athletes must face such as COVID-19, injuries, and their rival team, The Trinity Valley Community College (TVCC) Cardinals.

We see a lot more of ‘The Cards’ in season two, as they drive themselves further than ever before to claim the national title at the NCA, NDA championships in Daytona, Florida.

TVCC and Navarro have been neck and neck for almost two decades, with TVCC breaking Navarro’s 7 year winning streak in 2016, only to be beat again in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Its clear Trinity Valley’s head coach, Vontae Johnson, will fight tooth and nail for the program, bringing in some world renowned cheerleaders, such as extraordinary tumbler Angel Rice.

Overall, the Netflix docuseries Cheer was a fan favorite among more than just the world of cheer, and season two is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.