The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary edition Releasing soon


IMAGE / Flickr

Skyrim NPC’s and a character in game

Skyrim is a popular open world RPG from 2011 made by Bethesda and is having it’s tenth birthday.

As a result, Bethesda is releasing a new version of the game on November, 11th.

Given the number of Skyrim versions that have already been released over the years, you’ll want to know exactly what this one includes to decide whether it’s an upgrade worth buying.

If you already own Skyrim Special Edition from 2016, it will be released as an update to your current game rather than a separate game listing in your library.

It includes Skyrim Special Edition, All of the DLCs, and also bundles in all of the previously released premium Creation Club additions.

It will also add some next-gen upgrades, but we don’t know just what those will be yet and how much of an impact they’ll have on PC players.

In total, Bethesda says that the 74 Creation Club items included with Skyrim Anniversary Edition represent over 500 new gameplay elements.

So what if you already own Skyrim SE? Bethesda says that current owners and Xbox Game Pass subscribers will have the option to upgrade to Skyrim AE for free but if you don’t have game pass, you will have to pay for the upgrade.

Senior Jack Young seemed to be very excited for this update.
“I’m so excited to get the new anniversary edition when it comes out,” Young said. “It makes the graphics way better and there is gonna be new content to make a great game even better and I can’t wait to check it out.”