Top 5 worst angry birds


IMAGE / Flickr

Three iconic birds from the Angry Birds franchise, Chuck (Left), Red (Middle), and The Blues (Right)

The multimillion-dollar video game franchise, Angry Birds, is known for its versatility in playable characters.

With versatility, however, comes a difference in power.

While there are a plethora of birds to take to the skies with, there is a clear distinction between the good and the bad.

Senior Jack Young comments on his own experience with the birds.

“There’s a wide selection and they all have different powers that can be used in every scenario. There are some I use more than others because they are just more fun to play.” Young said.

These birds may not be the best for demolishing pigs, they still hold a spot on the Angry Birds spectrum.

White Bird (Matilda)

Matilda is one of the classic Angry Birds and is often overlooked when considering the best and worst birds.

Matilda fires off the slingshot and drops a nuke-like egg directly under her at the player’s discretion.

You might think this is great at first, but it tends to be very unreliable and ineffective when it comes to taking down any massive structure.

The egg can cause mass destruction, but only if you consider taking out the one lonely pig at the top and nothing else mass destruction.

Overall, Matilda is not a reliable source of damage and that is why she falls into this list.

Red Bird (Red)

This may come as a surprise to many Angry Birds fans, considering he is the poster bird of the franchise.

However, when it comes to damage dealing potential, Red seemingly falls short.

As Red is soaring through the air, a tap on the screen will cause a small speed boost and a miniature wave of force to blast from the front of him.

The force blast is relatively underwhelming, and the speed boost does not do enough to allow for a lot of damage.

Red essentially turns out as a slightly worse version of the yellow bird (Chuck), which renders him weak in comparison to most other birds.

It’s difficult to prioritize Red’s skill without factoring in the fact that he’s an icon, but when it comes to damage dealing, Red doesn’t fit the bill.

Green Bird (Hal)

Hal is one of the lesser-known birds in the series, but that does not exempt him from this list.

Hal operates just like a boomerang; he flies past his target and, when activated, he whips back around and shoots into the back of a structure.

This ability can be useful in certain situations, but the lack of those situations is what sets him on this list.

The amount of times it is essential to rip into only the back of a structure is extremely rare.

The lack of versatility for Hal is a major setback and earns him a solid spot on this list.

Blue Birds (Jay, Jake, and Jim AKA The Blues)

Another iconic trio in the franchise that seems to fall short in terms of damage-dealing potential.

The Blues’ unique ability starts them off as a singular bluebird and, upon activation, they split into 3 and fire at their desired target.

The Blues specialize in breaking glass which is certainly useful, but they lack the versatility needed to be useful on any and every stage.

Many other birds in the game specialize in destroying at least two materials, and the Blues fall apart when facing wood or stone.

Once again, a lack of versatility setting a handicap on a very iconic bird.

Gray Bird (Silver)

Finally, another bird that tends to slip under the nose of the average Angry Birds player.

Silver’s ability is similar to Hal’s, in the sense that there is an immediate change of direction.

Silver can be launched directly upward with a tap on the screen after she has left the slingshot.

This ability can prove very useful in stages with structures on multiple levels of height, or where there’s a blockage in the way of the slingshot.

However,  in any other situation, she doesn’t carry much use and is typically not even used for her ability.

The one perk Silver has is that she specializes in destroying stone, but that’s all she has.

Silver has several perks, but none of them carry enough weight to bring her out of the worst birds.