Call of Duty: Vanguard struggling before release


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Call of Duty: Vanguard

Call of Duty: Vanguard will be releasing to all platforms on Friday, Nov. 5th.

It will cost $60 on release or you can pre-order the standard edition at the same price, the cross platform edition for $70, and the ultimate edition coming in at $100 which comes with the Task Force One pack, Battle Pass bundle (one season battle pass and 20 tier skips) 10 hours of double XP, and the Frontline Weapons pack.

The game will have another engaging campaign, where you experience pivotal WWII battles through the eyes of the multinational heroes that formed Task Force One and changed the face of history.

Along with the campaign, Treyarch will be bringing back the zombies game mode, a fast-paced multiplayer, and Warzone will continue to get updates alongside Vanguard.

Many fans of the franchise are disappointed by the game, like senior Conan Prevo.

“The game just feels like a copy and paste from modern warfare and that’s not what I want from a new Call of Duty game,” Prevo said. “I want something fresh, not something I’ve played again and again for years.”

Senior Matthew Hinman had this to say regarding the release of the new title.

“It’s just copying the gameplay and mechanics of the previous Call of Duty games. There are better games out or coming out soon the look and play better than the new COD,” Hinman said.

Senior Malyci Baker was very upset about the next entry in the series.

“I played the open beta and while it was a beta, it was terrible. Horrendous customization options combined with the fact that one of the main modes, Zombies, is not even going to launch with any easter eggs which is the main point of playing the mode.” Baker said.

Baker notices the downfall of Call of Duty games.

“The franchise has been going downhill since Modern Warfare 2019, which actually introduced new innovative mechanics and systems, as well as an unprecedented level of customization. I’m not going to be wasting any of my time or money on this game.” Baker said.