These 5 Style Trends are Back


IMAGE / Flickr

These style trends are back and better than ever.

Fashion and style has been changing endlessly over the past decade, with different trends going in and out like a revolving door.

These are the top 5 style trends that have recently made a comeback.

1.  ’90s Blowout Hair.

Blowout hair was the center spotlight of the beauty industry this year.

Everyone from models, to singers, to actresses are wearing the iconic ’90s look.

Made popular by icons like Jennifer Aniston and Alicia Silverstone (Cher in Clueless), this trend sure seems to be making a fast comeback.

2. Claw Clips.

Claw clips where huge in the early 2000s, and people seem to have forgotten about them, until this summer.

Being as short hair was all the rage this spring/summer, its no surprise people searched for a way to keep it up and out of their face, while still keeping it cute and simple.

While talking to some people I found that these are bigger than ever, senior Ivy Sanchez values her clip extremely.

“If I lost my hair clip I would cry,” Sanchez said.

3. Straight-cut Jeans.

Many different types of jeans have gone in and out of style recently.

The craze over skinny jeans has died recently as looser more relaxed styles have came out of hiding.

Styles such as straight-cut, mom and dad jeans, flare, and boyfriend cut jeans have recently been on the rise.

Many big retailers such as American Eagle and Hollister have been huge on marketing and producing these jeans and its very obvious they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

4. Knit Clothing.

Whether its a shirt, tank top, sweater, or even a hat, knit and crochet clothing were all the rage this summer and fall.

Straight out of the ’70s, many stores are selling simple but fun crochet clothing pieces that hit all the color trends.

These have been seen more recently this summer worn by many social media stars such as Emma Chamberlain.

5. Statement Sunglasses.

Sunglass trends over the past few years have always stayed the same, with styles like aviators or the classic square frame black.

But more recently, fun styles have started to return to the spotlight.

Funky colors, thin frames, and even extraordinary shaped sunglasses can add an entire new level to an outfit, and people seemed to notice this.

You can find many new and fun styles everywhere, from online to in store.