Top 5 Angry Birds


IMAGE / Flickr

“Red” from Angry Birds, a mobile game made in 2009.

Angry Birds has seen just about everyone’s mobile screen since its inception on December 10th, 2009.

Senior Zach Bellmer notes how the game has revolutionized the mobile gaming industry.

“The cartoon feel appeals to children,” he said, “and it also helps them learn a bit of physics.”

The game features a variety of characterized and animated birds imitating species found in the real world, and their rivalry with the fabled green pigs.

The birds are fired from a slingshot towards a mass structure of wood, glass, and metal on which the pigs are sitting.

The goal of the game is to sling the birds at the structure and, using the unique power given to each bird, knock over or destroy the structure and the pigs.

The special ability within each bird is what sets them apart, and certain birds are better than others, and here are the 5 best birds found in the series.

Big Red Bird (Terrance)

Terrance is one of the larger birds in the franchise, and also one of the more simple to understand.

Terrance’s power is not flashy like most other powers from the birds, so much so that it might not even be considered a power.

Most birds specialize in breaking through only one material, but Terrance is different.

Terrance uses his size to his advantage and can blast through any of the three materials straight off the slingshot, no activation required.

This may sound too simple to be the best, but you can never go wrong with Terrance, and he can even sometimes end a whole level in one shot.

Bomb Bird (Bomb)

Bomb’s power is more towards the explosive side.

Bomb is also special when it comes to the breaking of certain material.

At any point after Bomb is catapulted from the slingshot, a tap on the screen will cause Bomb’s fuse to go off and he will explode, destroying all pigs and material in a radius around him.

Bomb would be the best bird in the game, but the radius on his explosion is relatively small and it is hard to clear a whole level in one go and you have to be particular with your aim.

Even considering his setbacks, Bomb is still one of the best in the game and can wreak havoc on the pigs without a doubt.

Pink Bird (Stella)

Stella is typically underrated because of her late entry into the Angry Birds franchise, but she is still one of the best.

Stella is another bird to blast through all three materials, which sets her a level above most birds.

Her power is based around bubbles, which at first seems a little silly, but can cause some serious damage.

After the slingshot, when Stella is nearing the structure of pigs and material, a swift tap on the screen will cause all pigs and material in a radius around her to become trapped in a bubble.

The bubbles slowly float upwards for several seconds, before bursting and releasing anything inside them to rain down on the rest of the structure, causing another level of damage.

Stella’s ability to offset a structure and then rain down on the remains places her at the top of the angry birds.

Orange Bird (Bubbles)

A lot of people aren’t familiar with Bubbles, but that should not undermine his ability on the battlefield.

Bubbles is one of the smallest birds in the game, so at first glance, he doesn’t look incredibly intimidating.

However, after launching and landing, Bubbles can expand to triple the size of Terrance and knock anything surrounding him off balance.

Bubbles isn’t very flashy, but his ability to wedge into small spaces and offset the structure with his inflation sets him in the top five.

Yellow Bird (Chuck)

Last, but certainly not least, there’s Chuck.

Chuck is one of the staple birds for the game, and when Angry Birds is brought up, he’s typically brought up too.

Luckily, Chuck does not fall short of his hype.

While the other birds in this list can battle with all materials, Chuck can’t put up much of a fight when it comes to metal.

This is only a minor setback, however, because most levels don’t only contain metal, and Chuck can still put in plenty of damage.

While Chuck is in the air and his ability is activated, his speed heavily increases, and he flies in a straight line to wherever he is facing, slicing through any structure or pig in his way.

Chuck can fly right through the bottom of a structure, toppling it over in the blink of an eye.

With Chuck’s ability, he is another solid choice for the top five.