Cody Johnson Claims New Album is “Too Country for Country”


IMAGE / Stormy Cooper

Country artist Cody Johnson’s double album ‘Human’ has finally been released

Cody Johnson’s new album ‘Human: the double album’ is a work of art & compassion.

The sophomore major-label release became available October 8th on all digital platforms.

The “On My Way to You” singer claims he created this album using songs that where originally rejected by other Nashville artists.

In a quote from his website Johnson talks about his feelings regarding writing the album.

‘It’s so hard to watch the fight to get the cowboy back on the radio, so I told them to bring those songs to me, because that’s who I am and the lifestyle I live,’ said Johnson.

Johnson also released 2 bonus-tracks on top of this album, “Treasure’and ‘Son of a Ramblin’ Man”.

The double-album features 18 songs, 9 on side A and 9 on side B.

Johnson only wrote 4 of the songs.

The majority of the songs are classic country love, mixed with christian oriented songs, plus the classic “honky tonk” beats.

There are many inspiring messages littered throughout the album, such as track 4 and the lead single, ”Til You Can’t”, which has an intro that will make you think about your decisions, and a chorus that will make you want to get up and start living a little.

Overall, Johnson clearly poured his heart and soul into this special double-album.

Bringing to life the dreams of rejected artists as well as giving us a vast variety of songs to enjoy just before the holidays.