Alessia Cara’s ‘In the Meantime’ is exactly what fans needed


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Alessia Cara deep in song while at a concert.

Twenty five year old Grammy award winning artist, Alessia Cara, has once again proved her excellence with this new album.

Alessia Cara’s name was put on the map back in 2015, when her debut album ‘Know It All’ hit number eight on the Canadian Albums Chart and number nine on Billboard 200.

Ever since her debut album Cara’s career sky rocketed as she continued to write music.

Cara gave us a sneak peek of her new album ‘In the Meantime’ back in July when she dropped Sweet dream and Shapeshifter. Sweet dream, the first song dropped, reached 113K views and Shapeshifter reached 293K views on Youtube.

Just from the first two songs that dropped there were high expectations from fans for the album.

Released on Sept. 24, ‘In the Meantime’ became Cara’s third album, with eighteen tracks. It is a flawless mix of  love and pain, Cara starts the album with a spunky intro and eases into a story of the grief that is felt at the loss of someone.

The most popular song on Cara’s album is the second track that she released back in July, “Shapeshifter.” It is a slow song about her experiencing someone leaving her, and the regret behind wishing she could have done more.

She sings “Who was I to think I could be the one to change your mind, to mean more than some history.” Another lyric says, “Don’t know if I’m even mad or just sad you couldn’t stay.”

But personally Cara’s song ‘Sweet Dream’ is my favorite, it talks about life being easier when she’s sleeping and how tiring life is for her sometimes.

Her lyrics go on to say, “Is it too much to ask for a sweet dream, need to step back from my feelings. Life is not so bad when I’m sleeping.” This is one of my favorite songs from her album, the song has more of a deeper meaning but is also very upbeat.

Alessia Cara’s new album is the highest quality release that she’s had. And I think that Cara puts the thoughts we are afraid to say out loud, into an amazing melody.